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Business Background

I have over 20 years in software design, user interface testing, marketing and business management from both the business and technical sides. This has given me a unique perspective for what technology can and should do for a business as well as when it isn’t the answer.

Private sector and government work in web design, content creation and management have provided me with many opportunities to learn and adapt to new environments, processes and tools. While carrying out regular business activities, keeping current on tools & techniques and general research, I have had extensive exposure to good and, most importantly, bad design. This exposure lays the foundation for my site analysis and reviews.

Practical Experience

My responsibilities have included:

  • designing, developing and launching corporate websites, product catalogs and eCommerce sites;
  • beta testing of commercial graphics applications, business tools and gaming software;
  • website auditing and performance analysis;
  • search engine optimization and online marketing;
  • providing end-user support;
  • media development, including training videos, complex audio files and promotional material;
  • bridging the gap between non-technical management and software development teams; and
  • as a senior executive, planning corporate business strategies and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns using online and traditional media.

These experiences make even the smallest projects more efficient and effective.