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Our records show you have not updated your free Google listing….

Sep 4, 2013   //   by David   //   Blog, Business  //  11 Comments

How many times have you answered the phone only to hear the recorded message “Our records show you have not updated your free Google (business) listing”? I get these all the time (see how I deal with them here) and they want you to do something like push 1 to update or 2 to exit.

Is this Google? NO. It’s one of many companies trying to get you to pay for listings or search engine optimization services. However, the way they word it many people believe this is a courtesy call by Google. Your best bet is to just hang up.

The only automated phone calls I have ever received from Google were ones I was expecting to a phone number that I had submitted for Google Places/+Local/Maps providing me with my verification PIN.

Now if they are calling your iPhone, I’d recommend something like this call blocking approach.


  • I also get this types of call. Thanks for your tips.

  • I am sick of these automated calls, they are wasting my time, raising my phone bill and clogging my business lines.

  • I am getting these calls between 3-5 times a day every day! It’s becoming annoying and very time wasting. I was starting to question..what the heck GOOGLE was doing? I LOVE GOOGLE! I have finally decided to hang up every time I hear these idiots start their stupid sales pitch. The first time, they kept me on the phone for 15 minutes, even though I told them I was busy. It’s annoying, and I feel like they are harming Google with this garbage! Hang up on them!


  • I am sick of these call please stop bothering companies about listing if they want to list they will call you if they can find the number bunch of idiots taking up company time to benefit something no one wants duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My experience with matrixlocalseo .com:

    I believe we are talking fraud here and not just misleading information. The auto-dialer message I received said very specifically that if you do not press 1, your business listing will be removed from Google. So yes, I pressed one.

    I spoke with a man, although I forgot his name. He read off two companies asking if they were mine, I have nothing to do with at all. I then asked what they were doing and he explained it to me. He seemed polite enough and gave his company name when I said I would be willing to pay the 399 price tag to get my company listed. They are matrixlocalseo .com

    When he got to the point about listing on google places, I inquired about why I would need to do that again, as my husband just listed me there a few months ago and we already got a pin and confirmed it from Google. He then moved to upselling me on a month package for being listed higher.

    I backed up to why would I be threatened with having my business listing removed from Google, if that was not at all true. Would that not be fraud? I asked if they were working for Google. I asked if they actually had any power to remove or omit anything on Google. I asked if they could do anything different than what my husband just did on Google places.

    He started to back pedal and simply hung up on me.

    This company is obviously looking to frighten small business owners into paying them for a service, my husband said he did in less than fifteen minutes. And they wanted $399 for that fifteen minutes of work. I do feel the need to report them to the FBI, as I’m certain they are calling businesses all over the country and using this same message to scare people into picking up the phone.

  • Im also getting phone calls. Neither are they from “Google” or recorded, but annoying. They say they are from Microsoft and have seen that i have a problem/virus/troyan on my Computer. Then they want me to download some software so they can get access to my PC^^. Mostly they are calling very early or late in the evening… Im from Germany :)

  • Constantly receiving calls from 510-358-8568, 478-217-2861 (and a few other numbers), but all are one company. It is an automated msg that claims that they are from Google Plus Local SEO office & it is urgent that the business owner to speak to one of their Google online services account specialist since the listing is out dated and will be dropped by Google and your company will be de-listed from Google search pages. You need to act immediately by pressing 1 to connect to Google account specialist.
    I did so, and connected to a guy that again claimed that he is from Google Local SEO office and my company will not show up on Google searches if I don’t pay $299.00. I pressed again for the name of his company and after going back & forth a few times with some bull I told him you don’t tell me your company name, we don’t have any thing to talk & he finally said we are Local Lighthouse SEO for Google searches & he even gave me his website (www.locallighthouse.com). He kept baffling that how his company is listed on first page
    of Google & mine is not. He asked me to pay $299 a months to sign up & they will get me to the 1st page of Google.
    When I said no, he kept saying that my company will be unlisted from all pages of search in Google.
    knowing little about SEO myself, I let him go on & finally I told him, just dial in your number (510-358-8568) or your company name & see what Google list as SEO scam & you are number one. He was very upset & defensive, kept beating our company for not being on 1st page of Google.
    THEY ARE SCAM. They try to sound like they are calling from Google, but if you drill & ask questions about SEO, eventually they know they are caught red handed. Once they know that, they start threatening you.
    Don’t fall. They have no affiliation with Google or any other search engine company.
    This is a very shady company with shady business practices and many many complaints. Do not give them any business & do not do business with them. Search the internet for their name & see all the scams they are running.
    Also read the ripoff report about them (http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Local-Lighthouse/Tustin-California-92780/Local-Lighthouse-GOOGLE-OPTIMIZATION-SCAM-Tustin-California-NOTICE-this-ripoff-has-838108)

  • The problem with this spammer is that they are using some call system that generates a new caller id number every time they call, therefore making it impossible to block. I have been receiving these calls for the past 3 years and I have blocked each one of them. I still keep on getting these calls. I am very upset that our legal system cannot or will not do anything about to stop these scumbags.

  • I just had the call and requested to speak to someone he asked for my name then hung up on me. I am worried about this being fraud. How to stop this?

    • You can’t really stop them other than to report the number to your phone provider or block them. It’s more of a scam with the goal of selling you additional services like account management, search engine optimization and marketing. The best option is to just hang up.

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