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Our records show you have not updated your free Google listing….

Sep 4, 2013   //   by David   //   Blog, Business  //  5 Comments

How many times have you answered the phone only to hear the recorded message “Our records show you have not updated your free Google (business) listing”? I get these all the time (see how I deal with them here) and they want you to do something like push 1 to update or 2 to exit.

Is this Google? NO. It’s one of many companies trying to get you to pay for listings or search engine optimization services. However, the way they word it many people believe this is a courtesy call by Google. Your best bet is to just hang up.

The only automated phone calls I have ever received from Google were ones I was expecting to a phone number that I had submitted for Google Places/+Local/Maps providing me with my verification PIN.

Now if they are calling your iPhone, I’d recommend something like this call blocking approach.


  • I also get this types of call. Thanks for your tips.

  • I am sick of these automated calls, they are wasting my time, raising my phone bill and clogging my business lines.

  • I am getting these calls between 3-5 times a day every day! It’s becoming annoying and very time wasting. I was starting to question..what the heck GOOGLE was doing? I LOVE GOOGLE! I have finally decided to hang up every time I hear these idiots start their stupid sales pitch. The first time, they kept me on the phone for 15 minutes, even though I told them I was busy. It’s annoying, and I feel like they are harming Google with this garbage! Hang up on them!


  • I am sick of these call please stop bothering companies about listing if they want to list they will call you if they can find the number bunch of idiots taking up company time to benefit something no one wants duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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