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QR Codes and vCards

Jan 11, 2012   //   by David   //   Blog, Coding  //  1 Comment

While playing around with QR Codes as discussed here and here I found myself wondering if I could throw together a dynamic QR Code for creating a vCard. The answer was yes. With a couple small caveats, it looks ugly and I’ve tested it but you need to test it yourself before publishing the QR Code, I’m pretty happy with the results.

I did find that my favorite QR Scanner I use on my iPhone was one of the many that suffers from poor vCard support so data was getting put in the wrong fields. Once I tried QRafter (vCard support is good, but I’m still not sold on the rest of it) I was able to properly test the images.

Feel free to give it a try, right-click on the preferred image to save and post your comments or feedback here. I get the feeling I will be updating this to make it more useful.

My Dynamic QR Code Creator for vCards

1 Comment

  • Fantastic work on this David. It’s a very cool utility and works really well. Thanks for posting about it.

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