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Dale Hogan Photography

Dec 15, 2010   //   by David   //   Testimonials  //  Comments Off on Dale Hogan Photography

We here at Dale Hogan Photography were fortunate enough to have David take on our web project. He combed through our site code making it more efficient with the net result of faster load times and better cross browser compatibility. If he’d stopped there we would have been thrilled with his work. However, he didn’t stop there. He went above and beyond our expectations.

Leveraging his years of experience in coding, marketing and business coaching he provided rubber meets the road suggestions that helped us see our market, our customers needs and our goals more clearly. Again, David surprised us by implementing real world solutions for his suggestions. This has had a very positive affect on our users experience. One example of his outstanding handiwork is our pricing page. What used to be a convoluted maze of information is now presented in a clear, concise, actionable layout.

We’re thrilled and would strongly endorse David. He has helped us immensely by consistently delivering above and beyond our hopes. He’s provided us with business coaching, marketing expertise, user experience improvements, coding and optimizations. David is always up to whatever task we throw at him. I can think of no one better for the job of putting wheels on our business plan. He’s a pleasure to work with and an incredible resource. Ask us if you should hire him and we’ll give you a resounding “YES!”.

Dale Hogan,
Dale Hogan Photography

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